A life dedicated to the sea with all its difficulties, its unexpected events and its surprises. 2004 marked me deeply having had the good fortune / misfortune to ride the tsunami wave with clients and my children on board. 

But the sea spared me and from there was born the idea of the international school to teach how to sail and love the sea with respect and prudence and also enjoying a great storm. In 2018 I met Mapi and from there the big leap around the world with our catamaran with a traveling school.



My life was very traditional, with no time to think, always following my passion for the sea. 

Knowing Luca I completely overwhelmed my life.

 Today we follow our project and our passion. 

The sea unites us and we would like to share with you all the beautiful things and emotions it offers us.

new 2020 book on line

New 2020!
International nautical license online! 2020!

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