Holidays on a catamaran

Group of happy friends making boat summer

What is a catamaran? The catamaran belongs to the multihull family and is characterized by the union of two hulls that are connected by a bridge. It can reach three times the speed of common sailboats. Furthermore, its high stability, obtained by means of its widely spaced floats, makes it possible to go out to …

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Work on the boat


  Work on the boat Finding a job on a boat, like being a sailor.As an old saying goes: Seafarers, free peopleDid you know that the salaries of a sailor range from 2000 euros a month to 15ooo if we talk about super yachts? Of course you will be available 24 hours a day. And …

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new 2020 book on line

New 2020!
International nautical license online! 2020!

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