Master of Yacht 200gt

 (Requirments: Adavance Power or Higher Courses; Limitations: 200 tons, 150 miles from the coast; Duration: 6 Days for sail, 5 Days for Power; Minimum Age: From 18 years old)

Course Content:


Chatwork instruments, Charts, latitude and longitude, Distance, speed, time & direction, The magnetic compass, variation & deviation, Position lines and position fixes, Dead reckoning and estimate position, Tides,  Currents, Course to steer to counteract a current, Metereology, Pilotage, Passage planning, Electronic navigation aids, International regulations for preventing Collisions at Sea (COLREGS), Ships contruction, Ship stability & drydocking, Ropework, Towing, Anchoring, Emergency procedures, Ships.

Master of Yacht Offshore 200gt Power e Sail
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